EFI Shell

EFI Shell

Please note: You will need a USB Flash Drive with a capacity of 8MB or larger to perform this update.

Download the firmware file for your specific model from here. Firmware files are stored in folders named according to the model. For example, for the StarBook Mk IV, the files are in StarBook/MkVI-Intel/, ITE updates in /ite, and the file you need is efi-B6-I.zip.


After downloading the file, right-click it and select Extract Here.


Open the extracted folder, select all files and folders using the mouse or by pressing Ctrl and A. Right-click and select Copy.

These files need to be copied to a USB Flash Drive formatted in FAT32.

Open your distribution's disk manager. You can typically find it by searching for disks. The process is similar across most distributions. In Ubuntu, select your USB drive and click the - sign to remove the current partition.

This action will delete all data on the drive. After removing the original partition, the - sign will disappear and a + sign will appear. Click the + and set the Type to FAT. You can choose any name for the Volume Name.


Once complete, locate your USB drive. Open it, right-click, and select Paste. The contents should resemble the image below.


Your USB Flash Drive is now ready. Keep it connected, connect your laptop charger, and turn off your laptop.

Turn your laptop back on and boot into the EFI Shell. For AMI firmware, tap the F7 key (or Fn + F7 if you have function lock enabled) repeatedly until a blue boot menu appears. Use the arrow keys to select the EFI Shell and press Enter to boot from it. For coreboot firmware, press the key displayed on the screen, then select Boot Manager, and EFI Shell.

The update process is automated and takes between 10 seconds and 5 minutes to complete.

Warning: Do not interrupt this process once it has started. Stopping the update or powering off the device could cause your laptop to become inoperable and require physical repair.

Depending on the update, your laptop will either automatically reboot or shut down once the update has been installed.

Please note: Some BIOS updates may require you to boot from the USB Flash Drive more than once. If prompted, follow the same method of starting the EFI Shell.

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