Known Issues

  • Debian - fwupd update error 'libfwupdplugin5_1.7.7+f_amd64.deb'

    If you are experiencing an update error on a Debian based distribution, similar to: A package failed to install. Trying to recover: dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of fwupd: fwupd depends on libfwupdplugin5 (>= 1.7.7+f); however: Package libfwupdplugin5:amd64 is not installed...
  • fwupd - Error: 'BIOS Locked' upon requesting update

    An issue has been identified with fwupd, in which you may receive the error 'BIOS Locked' upon attempting to update. We are currently working on identifying the issue and will then provide a fix. We currently do not have a timescale on the fix, but this should be within the next couple of days.
  • LabTop Mk IV - External Audio not detected

    The bug has been confirmed and resolved in BIOS version 1.4.0 and later. Please see this guide on how to update your firmware.
  • LabTop Mk IV - Poor wireless performance (Solved)

    The bug has been confirmed and resolved in BIOS version 1.3.0 and later. Please see this guide on how to update your firmware.
  • Linux Mint 20 installs with "Check your drivers" message

    When installing Linux Mint (verified on 20.3), on a StarBook with Intel Xe Graphics, you will see the following message post-installation. "Check your video drivers. Your system is currently running without video hardware acceleration. You may experience poor performance and high CPU usage. Laun...
  • Lite Mk II - "Pop" sound from speakers

    The speaker emits a "popping" sound when audio starts or during boot and shutdown. We are currently working on a BIOS update to resolve this issue. If you are using a Debian based distribution, this issue can be resolved by installing our starlabs-lite-mk-ii package. To do this, enter the below...
  • Lite Mk II - Unable to update BIOS via LVFS (Solved)

    If you are unable to install BIOS version 1.0.4 or 1.0.5 on the Star Lite Mk II, please follow the below steps: Turn your laptop off. Turn your laptop back on and instantly tap the F7 key repeatedly until you see a blue boot menu appear. (If you have function lock enabled, you will need to pres...
  • Lite Mk IV (coreboot firmware) - Power lights stay on when shutting down with kernel 5.10 or later

    This is a known firmware bug that has been fixed in version 8.14. Please follow this guide to update your firmware.
  • Unable to right click or drag windows

    This issue has been fixed upstream, but if you still experience this issue, please follow the steps below: Ubuntu and Debian based distributions Install sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starlabs/ppa sudo apt update sudo apt install starlabs-touchpad Uninstall sudo apt remove starlabs-touchpad ...
  • Xubuntu - Suspend/Resume fix

    Xubuntu hangs on a blank screen after suspend, low power state on Star Labs LapTop. This guide will talk you through how to resolve this issue. 1 Remove light-locker Open the Xubuntu Applications menu and click on Terminal. Enter the below command: sudo apt remove light-locker Enter your ...