Install & Use Gnome Tweaks

The GNOME tweak tool can be used to customise almost every element about the GNOME desktop environment.

1 Install GNOME Tweak Tool

Open the GNOME Launcher and click on Ubuntu Software. Search for and install GNOME Tweaks.

Open the GNOME Launcher and click on GNOME Tweaks.


Options for animations and suspend settings.


To change theme, background and lock screen settings.


Enable and disable desktop icons.


GNOME Extensions, enable/disable and settings for each installed extension.


Setting fonts, hinting and scaling factor.

Keyboard & Mouse

Advanced keyboard settings and mouse touchpad options.

Startup Applications

Add programs that will automatically open when you login.

Top Bar

Adjust the information displayed on the top bar and enable hot corners - this displays all running windows if you move your mouse to the top left of the screen.

Window Titlebars

Adjust the titlebar actions and buttons.


Adjust the way in which the Windows behave.


Choose the number of workspaces required.

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